Sahara Fishery (Rybářství Sahara s.r.o.) is also engaged in its own production and breeding of fish with the best disposition for sport fishing venues. The vast majority of the fish are carefully selected from the fry and then fed with special Sahara EKO feed to increase the growth potential and immunity with regard to the longevity of the fish.


The Saharan fish come from a breeding stock registered under the Veterinary Administration with clear origin / pedigree, excellent health and condition. Trophy fish are harvested from open water during spring or autumn and are subjected to minimal handling and stress. The fish are not caught with an electric generator! The fish are drained/cleaned (0.5 – 1kg weight loss) and prepared in a quarantine tank after a disinfectant bath for precautionary reasons before being transported to other fishing venues.


The fish are intended for sale only to private/club fishing venues.


For current offers of trophy carp from 10 – 30 kg or other fish species, contact the fish farmer.


Martin Hájek (CZ/SK contacts)

+420 603 216 127


Lukáš Krása (abroad contacts)

+420 605 280 710

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