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Sahara Lake is a public club water LK Baits – Lukáš Krása, managed by the Sahara Fishery (Rybářství Sahara s.r.o.).

Sahara Lake is a bit of different private lake in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe. The vast majority of the carp stock is produced and carefully selected from our own breeding starting from the fry. More than a half of the fish were “born” in the Sahara Lake. The Sahara Fishery consists of several fish farms, but the main area is the big Sahara Lake, which extends over more than 20 ha and where the most amount of different carp forms in Europe are swimming. You can catch more than 20 different pure lines of carp here, but the most sought-after is the so-called Saharan thoroughbred (fully scale, zip linear).

In the lake there are several sensational zip linear carp over 20 kg and one jewel named Anglán, which is perhaps one of the largest zip linear carp in our country. The are also several fish over 28-35 kg in the lake, but this is definitely not the priority of the Sahara Lake. In addition to carp, Sahara Lake offers also big grass carp over 25-30 kg, bream between 60-80 cm and carp with unique coloration.

Please read and follow our rules

Sahara Lake Rules – 2024

ᴏ Own breeding

ᴏ An area of more than 20 ha

ᴏ More than 20 pure carp lines

ᴏ Carp with unique coloration

ᴏ Giant grass carp (25-30 kg)

ᴏ Bream (60-80 cm)

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